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If you’re looking to enhance learning – consider integrating the best elements of instruction, video production, and graphic/web design. Start with a creative director who understands how people learn and who can provide a vision for what the e-learning system must accomplish.


Engage customers early and bring them into the discussion about blending instruction with design. Show the possibilities; provide options; gather feedback!

Then, the hard work begins. Clarify the desired learning outcomes for the target audience; lay out the issues or turn-offs that the learners face. Armed with this perspective explore the possibilities that the graphics/web/video palette can provide to enhance the delivery of content and engage the learner. Experiment, gather feedback, and then settle on a system.





With the system in place, develop the content, share with client and make requested changes, render in different formats, integrate, and proof frequently.

Now that the site is ready to launch – utilize the skills of the team in promotion.